Verde Became Marrón…But Was Still Amazing

This year my tomatoes matured late and were crazy prolific. The result: a ton of green tomatoes by the time the first frosts arrived. I’d rather eat my hard work than compost it, but I’m not interested in making industrial quantities of fried green tomatoes so there was this wonderful alternative on the Garden Betty blog: Roasted Green Tomato Salsa Verde. Worth a shot.

A few of my green (and starting to turn red) tomatoes brought in before the frost).

As per the recipe, I got to roasting those tomatoes for the salsa verde.

The end result was a bit more brown than green, but I’m blaming my use of Black Vernissage tomatoes that get quite dark (they’re really tasty though).

Brown, but delicious Salsa Verde.

Man cannot live on salsa and dipping chips alone (or can he?) so my next task was to lunchify this somehow. The perfect solution was in some of those ears of garden corn hibernating in the freezer since August. I decided to make a rub of sorts for the corn consisting of green onion, chopped jalapeño, diced garlic, chopped dates and butter.

After melting the butter just enough so it would be spreadable but not liquid (about 12 seconds in the microwave), I mixed it all up and rolled the corn in it.

After arranging the corn on the toaster oven tray I spread the rest of the rub mix over the top along with chopped mushrooms and sprinkled it all with shredded cheddar cheese.

After 20 minutes in the toaster oven baking at 400 degrees, I was rewarded with the wonderful sweet and slightly spicy corn encrusted with cheddar cheese, dates and mushrooms. The salsa verde and tortilla chips were a great compliment to the baked corn.


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